Company Background

The Horizon Management Group has operated in various forms since 1986. The founders, Paul and Christine Phillips, had extensive HR careers before this so the content of this web site is the result of their work before launching their consulting business plus the work they have done with many clients, large and small and in many countries, over the last 25 years.

The Horizon system, which is a carefully documented and integrated system of key HR processes and training resources, has been tested and proven in client sites in Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Since 2001 the Horizon System has also been used by licenced consultants providing services to a wider range of organisations.

After many years consulting, using the material available on this web site, the principals decided they wanted to make it available directly to organisations to further widen the application of it to make a positive difference in more workplaces and so they could move on to a different stage of their own lives.

Thanks are owed to the many clients, colleagues, fellow service providers and others who have played their role in shaping Horizon and its products and services over the years. We trust you all take some satisfaction in knowing your contribution is now helping make better workplaces worldwide.

Pricing Policy

Our pricing is related to our belief that our material makes a positive difference in the workplace and we do not want price to be an obstacle, real or imagined. Secondly, we believe most people are honest and will do the right thing hence our pricing, to a large extent, is dependent on the self-assessment of the buyer representing their organisation.

  • Small businesses 0-50 employees
  • Medium business 50-200 employees
  • Large business 200+ employees

Consultants: Contact us by email and let us know what you are interested in and the number and types of clients you wish to use the material with.

NGOs and Government Departments in Developing Countries: Contact us by email for possible no charge and/or complimentary consulting services.