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Management Development Program - 10 individual modules



Choose the modules you need. This workshop develops the skills, knowledge, competencies and confidence of managers in the workplace and provides organisations with a competitive advantage over other businesses who do not harness their management group to deliver enhanced results through people.  Provision of this type of development is regularly quoted as a key factor in attracting and retaining key staff. 

By purchasing all ten modules you can make a  large saving, you also receive modules for the Introduction and the Review to be carried out at the end of the program. There are also 12 Training Exercises included. Click here for the total program.


  • To develop management skills, knowledge and competencies of participants, help them better understand their roles, how they can contribute to their own growth and ongoing business success
  • To identify, and practice using, some tried and tested tools and models to facilitate this
  • To participate in real work-based projects which deliver valued results to the organization and enhances the learning of the participants enabling them to contribute at an enhanced level on a sustained basis



Participants are managers who are in the early stages of their management careers or more experienced managers who have had little formal training in this area.  12 participants is the ideal group size.



Ideally, the program runs over a number of months with a mix of training room and work-based learning.  In addition to a research and design phase with the client, a typical program could run with four 2 day sessions spaced over 3 – 4 months, (dependent upon the number and type of modules selected) followed by a work-based project for approximately 6 – 8 weeks, then a 0.5 day presentation of projects and a 0.5 day review of the program and key learning points and individual planning for application in the workplace.



  • Incorporation of real work-based projects provide businesses with an opportunity to make the program self funding in year one – subsequent benefits are cumulative
  • An option to incorporate functional modules specific to the client organisation is provided